2013 Raffle

No discounts will apply toward prize awarded.

Prize credit must be used between January 1, 2013 and December 31, 2013

All Vaccination requirements remain the same

Tickets must say how may dogs you own

Limits 8 dogs belonging to any one winner

The drawing will be conducted on December 25, 2012 after the morning hours.

Winner will be notified via phone

11 Prizes

Auburn Suncatcher made by Joe Goodson won by B & D Mott

Alabama Suncatcher made by Joe Goodson won by D & N Hans

2 Baths won by D & L Baker

2 Grooms won by R & C Stephens

Friday - Sunday Boarding won by D. Harvey

7 days Boarding won by R & E Culp

$250.00 Grooming or Bath Services won by S & S Duke

$350.00 Grooming or Bath Services won by D & S Willers

$400.00 Boarding Service won by J & K Eubanks

$900 Boarding Services won by M. West

Gift Basket won by J & M Stone

We want to say how much we appreciate all the participation in our 2013 raffle.

Our continued customer support is what keeps us in business. The raffle idea is just one of

our ways of saying thank you.

Ticket Cost

$10.00 = 1 ticket          $20.00 = 4 tickets          $30.00 = 6 tickets          $40.00 = 8 tickets          $50.00 = 10 tickets

$60.0 = 12 tickets         $70.00 = 14 tickets       $80.00 = 16 tickets         $90.00 = 18 tickets         $100.00 = 20 tickets

1 tickt is $10.00. for every ticket you buy starting at $20.00, you get 1 ticket free.

Because some customers will be interested in the boarding and some will be interested in the grooming or bath service, we have changed the typical raffle procedure. There are 10 envelopes set up with the major prize listed on it. When you purchase tickets, you get to pick which envelope you would like your tickets to go into.. This actually increases the overall odds of winning the prize (s) you desire, instead of winning something you are not interested in.  After the major prizes are drawn and recorded, then all tickets will be put together and the winner of the gift basket will then be drawn.

Some have asked what the raffle is for and where the money is going. Well, since most of my customers are the ones buying the tickets, first and foremost, it is a reward progam fo the customer who wins the raffle. The money, when tickets are sold, is put back to cover the cost of the prizes for next year. If, more tickets are sold, then the excess over the prize amount is put back into the business with whatever improvements are needed at the business.


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