Kennel info sheet most common questions from customers

​There are some concerns and questions that come up from potential customers  as well as existing customers when filling out the kennel information sheet.  I will list the most common questions or section of concern and provide you with an answer. I believe people can best make an informed decision when armed with knowledge. These are my answers and i certainly hope it gives you the knowledge and confidence you need to make the choice to board your pet with Rainbow Kennels LLC and feel confidant in doing so.



           1.  This facility accepts check or cash or credit cards.  As of November 26, 2013, we are now accepting debit and cedit cards.

If you will be utilizing a check to pay this facility, please write down your driver's license number and date of birth on your check and show your ID to the employee for verification. This applies to new clients for the first year or so until you establish yourself with Rainbow Kennels LLC.

If your check is returned for any reason by your bank, my bank is contracted with check X Change recovery. Check X Change recovery WILL charge a $35.00 fee whether they can or cannot recover the funds from your bank. My bank charges a fee in addition to the returned check fee, you will be required to reimburse the kennel this fee or any future increases the bank increases it. At this time, that fee is $9.00. Should Check Xchange recovery be unable to collect on a returned check it will be sent back to Rainbow Kennels LLC for collection. We will make every effort to contact you. We will expect to collect from you the price of the return check and an additional $35.00 returned check fee as well as the other fee, currently $9.00 charged by my bank. Should a resolution on a return check not be made, we will file the appropriate paperwork necessary with governing authorities to collect all due fees and/or reasonable attorney's fees. This recovery process is a last resort and why we require DL # and DOB.


I have a small business. I watch expenses very carefully.  Because many repeat clients have asked me to accept cards,  will now.  

I have many people who write checks. There have only been a few instances where someone has written a check and it has been returned.  It does happen and most folks get the situation straightened out quickly. There have been a few instances where the returned check was not made good on.  Because of my lack of knowledge in the recovery process, the fact that i did not have driver's license number and date of birth made it where i had no recourse in the collection of the check by legal means.



​2.  General Information and Disclosure

​For Grooming, Boarding or Training Dogs.

​When you bring your dog in any facility, there are many illnesses that are contagious that are beyond the control of this facility or any facility for that matter. Example: Kennel cough. It is an airborne virus that spreads much like the common cold. This particular virus is spread when dogs bark or cough. There can be a carrier who never coughs, only Barks. This facility can only require that all dogs have the kennel cough shot. That is as far as our responsibility can go. There are some dogs who cough, it doesn't always mean they have kennel cough. Example: If a dog has heart problems or trachea problems it will cough. Severe allergies will also make a dog cough.

​Should any boarding dog become ill, or seem to be in the need of medical attention, we reserve the right to, but are not required to, administer aid and/ or to use any available veterinarian in the event we cannot get in touch with you or your agent. Any expenses so incurred shall be paid by the owner, in addition to the other fees listed. Other fees could be but are not limited to: veterinary expenses, pet supplies you request, medicines, etc



Please ask your vet to elaborate on kennel cough and canine influenza. There are also stomach viruses that can be spread. Once we realize what is happening, we have to change the mop bucket after every infected kennel to keep the virus from spreading. Colitus.that is a bloody stool. There is no logical explanation for why dogs get this. Some times it can be from injesting grass. Sometimes it can be from nerves. Unless it is something that is really severe or there are other things happening with your dog at the same time, i probably would not rush your dog to the vet.

An example of when i would: dog has been outside. starts barking in a manner that is not usual for that dog. face swelling. hives. diarhea and throwing up.  I would rush that baby to the vet before anyone could say don't do it. This happened with us in our home. the vet said Delilah probably got stung by a bee and probably ate some grass that had something on it.  We will never actuall know what caused it, but her lips and face swelled up.



​ 3.  Dog Allergy

​There are many dogs that have allergies. We are not responsible if your dog has an allergy to any of the shampoos we use. We will gladly use your shampoo should you provide it.



Answer: There have been a few instances that a dog has had a reaction to the shampoo we have used. Extreme itching. Flaking skin in minor instaces.



4.  If your dog will not eat, do we have your permission to doctor their food?



if your dog will not eat, can i put chicken broth or can food on your dogs food.


5.  We require an agent listed here who can act on behalf of the owner if MAJOR vet decisions are needed.

Do not list husband or wife here. Your agent can be: sister, brother, mother, father, adult child, friend or neighbor (even if they do not live here)

Name _____________________________________relationship _________________________

Phone ________________________________cell ____________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________

​It is up to you to let your veterinarian know who your agent is and how much you will authorize your agent to spend for the care of your pet if you are unavailable.

​Unexpected and natural deaths can occur and do occur at home and can occur here, with young or old, known or unknown illnesses. We need to know what to do with your animals' remains should the unexpected happen. We are not equipped to hold the remains of your dog here at this facility long term.

We will make every effort to get in touch with you, should we be unable to reach you in a timely manner, we will call you agent.



There have been 2 instances where i have had to take an old dog to the vet. One was 16. One was 15. The agent listed for the owner had to make the choice to euthanize these dogs. I had one instance where another 14 year old dog passed away in my arms after i got to the kennel. I took the dog to the vet where the owner made arrangement for their dog to be cremated and took care of the fees with the vet.

One of my customers got home and her 4 year old dog was deceased. She took him to the vet, after testing, it was determined that the dog had an undiagnosed heart condtion. He was at the vet every year gettng his annual checkup and vaccinations.

I have many old dogs that are on heart medicine. I have a 3 year old yorkie who has been on heart medicine since he was diagnosed at 1 yr of age with  heart condition.  If these are dogs that are diagnosed, my concern is how many are undiagnosed?

If the lady had been boarding her 4 year old dog at the kennel, and i had come in and found him deceased, what do you think the normal responses what have been?  Human nature says we are going to be mad, sad and in disbelief and wanting to blame someone.

She would have wanted to know what we had done to her dog? it wouldn't have been our fault. That is human nature.

Another accident in 2 different customer homes. Multiple dog owners. dogs playing. eyeball gets poked or punctured. Dog needs to be rushed to the vet. An agent needs to be listed who can make decisions for you.  There have been times i could rush the dog to the vet, however there are instances i can not leave the kennel.



​6.  Accidents

​All Reasonable care is given to protect and prevent accidents or accidental deaths. If any such circumstance occurs, and it is determined that Rainbow Kennels LLC is responsible, our liability shall be limited to the purchase price/ or adoption fee or fair market value of the dog, depreciated according to the age of the dog. Veterinary care will be sought when necessary and appropriate.



Accidents are just that.  Most of the accidents that have happened at the kennel are when the dogs are being groomed. One time I cut the ear on a yorkie. I could not get the bleedng stopped so i rushed that baby to the vet. The cut was not bad enough that stitches were needed.  

Another time, i had a husky  kick his foot while i was doing his nails. He broke a mirrow against the wall and cut his foot.

Those 2 incidents were at fault incidents for Rainbow Kennels and i covered the cost related.

Some dogs have been razor burned while being groomed. We do not set out to razor burn any dog. Using a blade that is to hot or a dog that has senstive skin and using a cool blade will cause razor burn.  That is not an instance we can control when it concerns a dog with sensitive skin.  If we observe razor burn, and it usually shows within a couple of hours. Using an antibiotic ointment will take care of the itching and prevent it from becoming infected. Should the owner notice this after the dog gets home, using an antibiotic ointment at home will prevent the dog from getting an infection.  When days of scratching happen, then it usually will require a trip to the vet because infection will then be present in most cases.

When we do toenails on the dogs, we exercise extreme caution, however, there will be times we will quick the dog (cut the blood vessel that runs in the nail). Some dogs have longer quicks than others. There will we bleeding. It will stop eventually.  I hve a lot of older clients with thin skin, and i need to shorten the toe nails as much as possible for them.

One of the things i always do if i know that something has happened, I will tell you. I will not try to hide it and hope you do not notice. I have had a few employees who wouldn't tell  and that is not good. For you. For your dog. Or for me.

There are other areas that a dog can be cut while being groomed. These are areas that as groomers we exercise extreme caution. One such instance that occurred. My other previous groomer cut a dog with her clippers. She was suppose to tell the customer when they picked up their dog. it was not a bad cut and did not require stitches, and had the customer been aware of it, they could have continued with an antibiotic cream and it would not have required a trip to the vet. The groomer went to the bank. The employee at the kennel would not tell the client and after a few days the client noticed the cut and by then it was infected and required a trip to the vet. In this particular instance, I left to go on vacation with my husband assuming my employees would handle communication with the customer. When i got back off vacation, I inquired as to what the customer had said and wanted to know if they had followed up with the customer since they did not tell the customer when they picked up their dog.  They did not.  The story unfolded for me. I immediately started calling the customer who by then was so mad  they would not call me back. They had every right to be mad.

Honesty can go a long way. 

Dogs will get scratched and i will not have an answer or know how it happened. If we know it, we will not hide it.

I've had dogs jump off my grooming table or out of the tub and slip. Just like with us, sometimes they sprain their joints. Their joints need time to heal just like ours do.

I've had customers who have told me their dogs have been running and playing and their dog has torn the acl muscle in their legs. These are all accidents. And no one's fault.

All any of us can do is be as careful as possible.


7.  My signature below is authorization that the veterinarians that work in my local veterinarian office or any available veterinarian, as well as the agent that I have listed are authorized to make MAJOR decisions that are in the best interest of my pet. My agent and or the veterinarian will be held harmless from any liablity. The owner/ staff at Rainbow Kennels LLC will be held harmless from any liability. If my pet needs to be left with the veterinarian, all expenses will be paid by me. I am responsible for letting my veterinarian know who my agent is and with signing any forms they may require.

​Please initial that you understand the above _______________________

If the veterinarian recommends Euthanasia, the veterinarian and my agent have my permission:

YES ____________________________ or NO _____________________________

your signature.............................or.....................your signature




Again, this question was put here because of incidents that happened in customers own home.  Two different customers who own multiple dogs.  In one instance, the two dogs were playing, one dog messed up the eye on the other dog. The dog lost the eye and it was removed by the vet. Another clients dog got its eye poked by a limb on a bush. They rushed their dog to the vet, and the eye had to be removed.

One of my clients had her dogs get into a tussle, and one went after the front leg and it required stiches. if those things happen in their own home, then it can certainly happen at the kennel.

The customers dog that had the seizure mentioned earlier, the seizure caused a stroke. The dog was never going to get better and the agent had to make authorization for the vet, in the best interest of the dog, for euthanasia to be performed.



8.  Please provide a list of people that you might possibly allow to pick up your dog(s) other than yourself, your spouse or your agent. If you do not put them on this list, they will not be allowed to pick up your pet. You can not call on the phone and add people by phone. You must do it in person.

1. _________________________________ 2. _________________________________

3. _________________________________ 4. _________________________________





One of my clients is a retired assstant district attorney who boards  his dog on a regular basis with me. He sent his son to pick up his dog one time. I let his dog go with that man. Later as i was thinking about it, what if i let his dog go with someone i shouldn't have. In this case, his dog knew the person and it was fine.

Life happens. Living situations change. Divorces happen and one person will get the pet. No everyone stays on friendly terms. The world is full of crazy people.  We need to know who you will allow to pick up your pet other than yourself, your spouse or your agent.

If you will never allow anyone but yourself or your spouse or your agent to pick up your pet, then simply, write in "No One".

The reason i say that you can not call on the phone, my employee or myself may not know your voice....and you could be anyone calling in !     !!                        ​  I recently had a customer call who got really really angry with me. She wanted her nephew or son (whoever it was), who now drives, to be able to pick up her pet. She was furious because i told her if she had not listed him, then he could not pick up her pets.  Once you add them, i don't have a problem letting them go with someone else.  I may recognize your voice, but my employees do not. So don't put us in the positon of being the "bad person" because you didn't put them on the form.  In person.  Simple enough.




 9.  Has there ever been an accidental death of a dog at the kennel?


​ Answer:

​ No. I have not had any dogs die in an accident at Rainbow Kennels. We exercise extreme caution. However, we have to be realistic and acknowledge that it could happen.

I did in the first year i owned the business board cats and i had  a cat escape out of the area i had it boarding.  2 dogs then tore through chain link and killed the cat.  After the horror experienced with all involved in that accident and the realization that i could not protect cats, i then implemented  NO boarding of cats.



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