Improvements made yearly since 2006

My mom, with health issues that neeed to be taken care of,  acknowledged to herself that she could not take care of the business nor the upkeep on the building the way she thought it should be.   She made the decision to retire in 2003.  She let someone else come in and  run the business as their own. Although this person came in with high hopes and aspirations, the business was not run in a healthy manner. Things wents into decline, with the business and the building.

I officially took over ownership February 1, 2006. I had lots of things that needed to be repaired,  replaced and upgraded. I am going from memory and will try to list the major improvements made. I will post pictures periodically as improvements are made.

Over time, I have learned and evolved the processes. I put back into my business. I always have projects that need to be done. some major, some minor.

Over time, I increased the number of employees to ensure all the dogs boarding and all dogs grooming are being taken care of in a manner that i believe they deserve. Although there has been some turn over with the employees, the one thing that has been constant, is myself working in my business.  I will admit to enjoying the busier times when i get to work in the office. However, i still work weekends in the kennels with the dogs, and i sure make lots of friends that way.


Front Kennel Painted, spring and fall

Back Kennel Painted, springand fall

Office Painted and new flooring installed

All chain link gates replaced

East wing outside area cleaned up and the covering fixed

new air conditioner installed in the front kennel

new outside sign

new door between the kennel made.

bookcase built in the kennel

1 employee


Front Kennel Painted, spring and fall

Back Kennel Painted, spring and fall

All the kennel run walls raised to just above 5 feet

New air conditioner installed in the back kennel

2nd air conditioner/heater insalled in the front kennel

2nd outside new sign

1 employee


Front Kennel Painted, spring and fall

Back Kennel Painted, spring and fall

Chain Link Gates replaced with rebar steel gates

new air condioner/heater installed in theoffice

2 employees


Front Kennel Painted, spring and fall

Back Kennel Painted, spring and fall

New air conditioner replaced in the back kennel

new air/heat unit replaced in front kennel

4 employees


front kennel painted spring and fall

back kennel painted, spring andfall

drainage work ouside

5 employees


Outside of Building repainted

plumbing run for a washing machine

new tankless water heater installed, then replaced

washing machine installed

New gate latches and gate hinges made and installed

5 employees


back kennel painted

back kennel gates painted

new water lines run for the tub

tub faucet repaced

drain pipes replaced and repaired on the outside

new air conditoner in the front kennel

5 employees




front kennel painted including gates

storage buidling purchased to clean out clutter in the building

office painted

bathroom painted

2nd air conditioner installed in the West Wing




Ceramic tile installed in the office and restroom.

2 new air conditioners in the West wing.

East Wing Feb 2006, not  nice looking at all, although functional.​

West Wing Feb 2013. looks much nicer, brighter and happier for the dogs.​

West Wing Feb 2006. before the walls were raised and new gates made and installed.

West Wing after the paint job in Feb 2013. lighter and brighter.​

West Wing, fall 2012. This is the same back run after the fresh paint was done in 2012 in the fall of the year.  I tried several colors before being satified with these colors. The kennel has been painted white, with dark gray floor. white with blue floor. I like these colors the best..​

This is what the West Wing looked like in Feb 2006 when i took over the business I hated the chain link gates and the lower walls. Can't tell you how many dogs chewed the chain link gates including one of our own. My husband was down here replacing fencing several times. Love the new gates in other photos that you can see.

This is what the outsdie area looked like when i took over in Feb, 2006. was junked up and the covered part was sagging very badly. could not even walk under it. Now in the next picture, i can walk under it comfortably, althought the ladies who are taller have had to duck their heads a little. Notice that the windows were covered with plywood. talk about being dark on the inside. i replaced the glass and it is much brighter.

This is what the outside east wing kennel area looks like after the fresh outside paint job. The covered fencing on the outside has been raised up. I love the view down the fence where the dogs will run the fence while playing. some dogs just go back and forth, front to back.

The photo on the left is what the office looks like since i took over ownership. The picture on the right is what the office looked like when i took over in Jan 2006. Yes, some will find that i have to much stuff and think it looks cluttered. i myself feel like i am at home in my office, since i spend more time here than at home most weeks..​

.This is the office paint job October 2013. Still need to get the carpet out and new vinyl put down. Hopefully in the early months of 2014.

This is what the office looks like now that the ceramic tile has been installed in the office and restroom.  It was a much tougher job than i expected it to be.  It has been a learning experience and one i do not make the choice to do again anytime soon.

This is what the outside of the office looked like in Feb, 2006 when i took over ownership of the business.

This is what the outside of the office looks like after the outside was painted, much better and brighter.The roof was replaced in 2006.


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