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Betty Jo McRae-Cherry
This facility cater only to VIPs
(Very Important Pets)
Boarding         Grooming     Daycare
The Hours we are open to the public
Monday through Friday                                                             Saturday, Sunday and Holiday (7 per year)
7:30 am until 5:00 pm                                                       7:30 am until 10:00 am and 3:00 pm until 5:00pm
Check out time is 10:00 am daily
During normal weekday business hours if your dog is scheduled for a bath on the days we are bathing, the checkout time
is 3:00 pm.
We apologize, but we do not board cats or other animals.  
We accept most credit and debit cards. We can only process a credit card
in person.  We can not process them over
the phone 
All rates that follow will be effective July 1, 2021      
Boarding Rates
The following prices include our regular food. 
                                               daily boarding rate                               
Toy (10lbs and under)                  $12.00                                    
Small dogs (11 to 28lbs)              $15.00                                         
Medium dogs(29 to 50lbs)           $18.00                                      
Large Dogs (51 to 90lbs)              $21.00                                       
extra large dogs( 91lbs and up)    $24.00 
As you can see, we price based on the weight of your dog(s) as it appears on the vaccination record from your
veterinarian.  If the record does NOT contain a weight, then the rate will be based on what the owner of this facility
thinks your dog weighs.
10% boarding discount for military, police officers, firefighters and paramedics. Active or retired 20 years of service. 
Please show your ID.                                     
Call for reservations.
Please remember to book early for all holidays and summer weekends. If you are a regular client who has already
boarded your dog at my facility, when calling to make your small dog a reservation, just leave a message for dates in and dates out, your name and your dogs name, this excludes holiday periods. 
The only time you need to confirm before hand if we have room for your small dog is for holidays and weekends in the summer. Any other time, there will be no problem boarding your small dog.
Example of how charges are determined
 check in March 22                        21.00
                          23                        21.00
                          24                        21.00
   checkout         25 before 10am   63.00                      10 am and after  84.00
 add any price for bath or grooming to this above boarding rate.
If your dog is getting bathed the day he or she goes home
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, the checkout time will be 3pm.
Please also remember, we do not groom during holiday periods.
Grooming Rates
, Baths, Nail clipping are all by appointment only. 


                         Groom- cutting                              Bath                                     Nails                Anal                   Flea

                          Or long hair                                   Short haired                                               glands              Treatment

Toy- weight up to 10 pounds
                  $40.00 - $47.00 +up             $20.00 - $25.00        $ 10.00         $ 10.00        $25.00
Small - weight 11 pounds up to 28 pounds
                  $42.00 - $62.00 +up             $25.00 - $35.00        $10.00          $10.00          $25.00
Medium - weight 29 pounds up to 50 pounds
                 $52.00 - $72.00+up              $35.00 - $45.00          $12.00        $12.00          $30.00
Large - weight 51 pounds up to 90 pounds        
                  $62.00 - $82.00 + up           $40.00 - $50.00         $14.00       $14.00            $35.00
Ex-Large  - weight 91 pounds and up  
                  $80 - $100.00 + up               $45.00 - $55.00        $16.00        $16.00          $40.00


For requested de-matting instread of cutting, there will be an additional  $15.00 per


30 minute of combing if it will NOT cause undue stress or pain for any dog.

A dog that has medical issues or has a bad attitude and requires a longer period of time to groom will be charged out

at the higher end and up for that weight category.




All of the above requires an appointment during normal times that this facility has


scheduling availability.







Prices are subject to change with notice posted in the office with effective dates.


The + up price is for the


Dogs who only get groomed 1 or 2 times per year or the more difficult time consuming and are not on schedule with this


Obedience Training Rates
We are currently not taking on any new obedience clients. Posted July 1, 2021.
Individual  Lessons: This is the preferred method as far as we are concerned.  We train you to train your dog as well as
working with your dog. We believe training is a bonding experience between master and dog. 
1 lesson to see if this is something you would like to pursue
4 Lessons: Heel/sit, Sit/stay, Down/stay and Come (all on leash training . proper training collar and leash)
You can make the choice to pursue more training  in 4 week increments depending on what your needs are.  You are
however, encouraged to continue your training at home to continue to experience progress and bonding between yourself
and your pet.
If you choose to board your dog and i do the basic obedience training, the training rate is $15.00 per day in addition to the boarding rate for the weight of your dog.
The 4 things covered will be: Heel/Sit, Sit/Stay, Down/Stay and Come.  All is on leash training.  You will have a private
lesson the day you pick up your dog and 2 follow up lessons included with an appointment.  You should understand up
front that the trainer and the dog bond, and your dog normally does not respond to you when doing the obedience work
the same as it will with me.  Your dog will know the commands. However, your dog needs to know you expect the same obedience when working with you. You yourself need to know the proper footwork and proper commands for each task in
in order to experiene the same results.  Training is something you don't stop the day your dogs goes home.  You have
to make a commitment to contnue the training or the results experienced will be wasted and the dog will eventually revert
back to pre training ways.


Vaccination records must be provided yearly and the most current kennel information sheet updated.  All vaccinations are required to be administered by a veterinarian of your choosing and include
Rabies, Parvo 5 in 1, Bordetello and  the recommended Canine Influenza. That is 4 seperate shots each year. Dogs under one year of age
are expected to have more of each vaccination to build up the immunity against the various things that are covered with
each vaccination.  Please see the vaccination page.
Thank You for your business!
We certainly appreciate all the busines and support from our customers.


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- Training-

-Day Care_


7:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Monday - Friday

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Saturday, Sunday and Holidays


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