Kennel Sizes

The large dog runs are between 3-1/2 ft. 4 ft. wide. They are 6 ft.  to 7 ft. long. The walls are 5 ft. tall.

Some of the large dog runs are covered due to some dogs being climbers.

22 large dog runs in the building

The small dog runs are basically 3 ft.  by 3 ft.

8 small dog runs in the building

The Medium dog runs are 3 ft.  by 4 ft. by 3 ft.

3 medium dog runs in the building

I do pull out crates during busy summer periods and holiday periods for toy and small dogs who are crate trained. That is why I ask the question about your dog being crate trained.

It is not my practice to put large dogs in crates, although I have had several clients offer to bring a crate so I would keep their large dog.  And the only way a large do goes in a crate is if I have personally spoken with the owner and they know up front that is all I have available.  And then, that large dog is moved as quickly as possible.


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