Kennel Information Sheet

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​Welcome to

Rainbow Kennels LLC

"Your dog's home away from home"

Catering to VIPs (Very Important Pets) since 1985

Where we have warm hearts for cold noses

This form updated on February 19, 2015.  Any future revisions of this form supersede this version.  Please check periodically to see if your file contains the most updated form that is available. We will not ask you to fill out a form every time your dog boards, however when an updated form is available we will.   Revisions and updates are done with this form as needed, based in part on things that come up in the customers own home or things that have come up in the day to day operation of business. 

Areas in red on the website are areas where we need an initial, signature or information.

Thank you for the opportunity to take care of your pet.

​Owner (s). Please list husband and wife, or significant others' name here as well.


Address __________________________________________________________________

City/State _________________________________________________________________

Contact Numbers Home ____________________________

                             Cell _________________________ work _________________________

                             Cell _________________________ work _________________________

email address _____________________________________________________________

This facility accepts  credit cards, debit cards, check or cash..

If you will be utilizing a check to pay this facility, please write down your driver's license number and date of birth  on your check and show your ID to the employee for verification.  This applies to new clients for the first year or so until you establish yourself with Rainbow Kennels LLC.

If your check is returned for any reason by your bank, my bank is contracted with check X Change recovery.  Check X Change recovery WILL charge a $35.00 fee whether they can or cannot recover the funds from your bank.  My bank charges a fee in addition to the returned check fee, you will be required to reimburse the kennel this fee or any future increases the bank increases it. At this time, that fee is $9.00.   Should Check Xchange recovery be unable to collect on a returned check it will be sent back to Rainbow Kennels LLC for collection.  We will make every effort to contact you. We will expect to collect from you the price of the return check and an additional $35.00 returned check fee as well as the other fee, currently $9.00 charged by my bank.  Should a resolution on a return check not be made, we will file the appropriate paperwork necessary with governing authorities to collect all due fees and/or reasonable attorney's fees. This recovery process is a last resort and why we require DL #  and DOB.

Kennel Rates

Boarding rates are clearly posted in the office and on the website.  Any change in the future for boarding rates will be clearly posted in the office and on the website for your review and when they will take effect.

The owner/ staff at this facility reserve the right to kennel your dog in the appropriate size run or crate at any and all times as determined by us.  We only utilize crates for boarding during peak boarding periods and for small dogs only that are crate trained. 

Is your dog small, medium or large? _______________Is your dog crate trained?        YES        or        NO

This facility operates like a motel. Daily boarding charges START the day your pet is checked in.  The checkout time is 10:00 am daily. If you pick up your dog after check out time, you WILL be charged for the current day. If your dog is scheduled for a bath during normal weekdays, the checkout time will be 3:00 pm.

​Please initial that you understand the checkout time. _______________________

For new clients, the first time you check your dog(s) in, you need to arrive 1 hour prior to business close. This allows time for your pet to acclimate to the kennel and see our routine.

Phone Calls

​There is someone here during business hours. Because a kennel can be quite noisy at times and quite busy with baths/ grooming, dogs being let in/ out and customers coming / going and each employee may be busy doing one of these duties,  you may get the voice mail. Please leave a message. Someone will call you back at our earliest convenience.  We do make every effort to answer the phone, sometimes we just cannot.  Respectfully we are asking you not to call over and over. We are asking you to leave a message.

Scheduled Pickup date.

Customer agrees to notify this kennel in advance if there are any changes in the date this dog will be picked up.  No boarding dog will be released until all charges are paid in full.  Any animal left uncalled for or unpaid for, shall be determined to be abandoned and shall be turned over to the local animal shelter or otherwise disposed of after 14 days from the date this animal is scheduled to be picked up.  The owner or agent signing this agreement  agrees to pay reasonable attorney's fees and court cost incurred by this facility in the collection of any boarding, grooming or other charges that are due.

Please initial that you understand the above statement ____________________


Please be respectful and mindful that if you have made a reservation, we have reserved a kennel or run for your dog.  During peak boarding times, we are in a position that we are turning other customers away.  If your plans change, please be considerate and call and cancel your reservations.  If you do not call during our peak boarding period and cancel a reserversation, and you don't show up, we reserve the right  to refuse to accept another reservation from you during our peak boarding times.

​Please initial that you understand the above statement ____________________

General Information and Disclosure

For Grooming, Boarding or Training Dogs.

When you bring your dog in any facility, there are many illnesses that are contagious that are beyond the control of this facility or any facility for that matter. Example: Kennel cough. It is an airborne virus that spreads much like the common cold.  This particular virus is spread when dogs bark or cough. There can be a carrier who never coughs, only Barks. This facility can only require that all dogs have the kennel cough shot. That is as far as our responsibility can go.  There are some dogs who cough, it doesn't always mean they have kennel cough. Example: If a dog has heart problems or trachea problems it will cough.  Severe allergies will also make a dog cough.

Should any boarding dog become ill, or seem to be in the need of medical attention, we reserve the right to, but are not required to, administer aid and/ or to use any available veterinarian in the event we cannot get in touch with you or your agent.  Any expenses so incurred shall be paid by the owner of the dog, in addition to the other fees listed.  Other fees could be but are not limited to: veterinary expenses, pet supplies you request, medicines, etc.

Please initial that you understand the above information __________________

Grooming and Baths

Grooming and Baths are done by appointment only during weekdays, excluding holiday periods.  If your dog is not boarding, then all dogs need to be delivered to the kennel by 9:00 am.  Dogs here for their first appointment need to be delivered to the kennel no later than 8:30am.  The employees will let you know what time you can pick up your pet.  Most dogs here for a bath will be ready by 1:00 to 1:30 pm.  Most dogs here for grooming will be ready by 3:00 pm. 

We make every effort to have your dog(s) ready by the time we say we will and do have a consistent success record. There have been a few rare exceptions and we have run late. We will make every effort to call you if we are running behind for any reason.

Dog Allergy

There are many dogs that have allergies.  We are not responsible if your dog has an allergy to any of the shampoos we use.  We will gladly use your shampoo should you provide it.

Please  initial that you understand this ___________________

Special Boarding or Grooming instructions



Feeding instructions for myself and my staff.

How much do you feed your dog daily? ________________1/2 cup. 1 cup. 2 cups. 3 cups. 4 cups. 5 cups. 6 cups.

Do you feed am ________ pm __________ or both ________________

what brand of food do you feed your dog at home ___________________

Medicine instructions ______________________________________________________________

The brands of food that are available as our primary food vary and are: Dog Chow or Members Mark Chow or Diamond. As a secondary food we feed  Kibbles and Bits Home-style.  We also have Purina Puppy Chow .  We carry can dog food, chicken broth and sometimes chicken tenders for the dogs who do not want to eat.

We carry a premium dog food for an additional charge per day. That food is grain free called "4Health". The treats we provide are animal crackers and vanilla wafers. Occasionally we will have homemade liver cookie for the dogs. We also purchase cheerios.

We do buy rawhides and with your permission below, will give your dog a rawhide when we have them.

If your dog will not eat, do we have your permission to doctor their food?    YES      or      NO

                                                         Is your dog allowed to have our treats?     YES      or      NO

                                                          Is your dog allowed to have rawhides?     YES      or      NO

For Boarding or Grooming Animals

​Is this dog, to your knowledge a:

Chewer ________________, Digger __________________, Climber ____________________,

Escape artist ____________, Runner __________________, Destructive ________________,

Afraid of thunder and lightning _______________ Ever bitten any one ___________________,

Suffer from any food allergy __________ Ever killed or injured another animal _____________,

ever had a seizure ________________, crazy under any circumstances _________________,

anything else that we should know _______________________________________________.

Is your dog on any type of?

Heartworm prevention? _____________________  What kind? _________________________

Flea/ Tick prevention? ______________________  What kind? _________________________

If your animal is here for a long term boarding, please provide the  heartworm and flea prevention and we will administer to the dog as prescribed by your vet to continue its' protection.

​We require an agent listed here who can act on behalf of the owner if MAJOR vet decisions are needed.

Do not list husband or wife here. Your agent can be: sister, brother, mother, father, adult child, friend or neighbor (even if they do not live here)

Name _____________________________________relationship _________________________

Phone ________________________________cell ____________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________

​It is up to you to let your veterinarian know who your agent is and how much you will authorize your agent to spend for the care of your pet if you are unavailable.

​Unexpected and natural deaths can occur and do occur at home and can occur here,  with young or old, known or unknown illnesses.  We need to know what to do with your animals' remains should the unexpected happen.  We are not equipped to hold the remains of your dog here at this facility long term.

We will make every effort to get in touch with you, should we be unable to reach you in a timely manner, we will call you agent.

What are your instructions?

Call your agent to pick up and bury your pet? ______________________

Call your agent so they can arrange cremation? ____________________

Call your agent so they can take to your vet to dispose of? __________________________

the above option is only available if your agent lives here locally, otherwise your option is

If we cannot reach your agent or they live out of state, what are your instructions

Rainbow Kennels LLC to take to a local veterinarian for cremation _____________________

or take to your vet for your vet to dispose of _____________________________

Please feel free to ask why this question is here. There is a reasonable and logical explanation.

If there are any fees involved for any of these choices, you are responsible for taking care of those fees with the appropriate source or reimbursement to Rainbow Kennels LLC if the kennel has to handle the fees up front.

​Please initial that you understand the above statement ___________________________


​All Reasonable care is given to protect and prevent accidents or accidental deaths.  If any such circumstance occurs, and it is determined that Rainbow Kennels LLC is responsible, our liability shall be limited to the purchase price/ or adoption fee or fair market value of the dog, depreciated according to the age of the dog.  Veterinary care will be sought when necessary and appropriate.

​Please initial that you understand this ____________________


Unrination and Defecation

Animals will do very strange and unexpected things when stressed out.  They react sometimes negatively when stressed.  The more your pet boards, the more they will and can get use to it.  Most will actually enjoy their stay. There will be others who will never enjoy being boarded anywhere.  There will be some dogs that will urinate and defecate, even if they never have accidents at home. Sometimes from excitement.  Most of the time, just because they are off schedule from their outside times at home. We will sanitize their area and if time allows, wash any bedding you have provided.  Some of our customers prefer their dog to a bath every time the dog boards before the dog goes home. (baths are only during weekdays).

If your dog has "accidents" would you prefer your dog to have a bath if scheduling will allow it every time your dog boards?      YES    or       NO

There will be a charge for the bath.

Dog (s) Names:                                                                                                 Age, Male or female

1. __________________________ Breed/color ______________________________________

2. __________________________ Breed/color ______________________________________

3. __________________________ Breed/color ______________________________________

4. __________________________ Breed/color ______________________________________

5. __________________________ Breed/color ______________________________________

6. __________________________ Breed/color ______________________________________

7. __________________________ Breed/color ______________________________________

8. __________________________ Breed/color ______________________________________

Current Veterinarian Name

_____________________________________phone __________________________________

My signature below is authorization that the veterinarians that work in my local veterinarian office or any available veterinarian, as well as the agent that I have listed are authorized to make MAJOR decisions that are in the best interest of my pet.  My agent and or the veterinarian will be held harmless from any liablity.  The owner/ staff at Rainbow Kennels LLC will be held harmless from any liability.  If my pet needs to be left with the veterinarian, all expenses will be paid by me. I am responsible for letting my veterinarian know who my agent is and with signing any forms they may require.

Please initial that you understand the above _______________________

If the veterinarian recommends Euthanasia, the veterinarian and my agent have my permission:

YES ____________________________ or  NO _____________________________

           your signature on line above..........or.......your signature on line above

Please provide a list of people that you might possibly allow to pick up your dog(s) other than yourself, your spouse or your agent. If you do not put them on this list, they will not be allowed to pick up your pet.  You can not call on the phone and add people by phone.  You must add people to the list in person.

1. _________________________________        2. _________________________________

3. _________________________________        4. _________________________________

If you would like a copy of your kennel information sheet after it is filled out, please let us know and we will make a copy for you if you have not done so already. Rainbow Kennels LLC will retain the original filled out copy in our files.

​This agreement is between Rainbow Kennels LLC and

                                               ___________________________________        _________________________

                                                    Signature of owner or agent of pet                        current date

                                                    please sign here

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Do we have permission to feature a picture of your pet (without using your name) on our website?

                                                                                                Yes_____________      or      No_____________

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