Rainbow Kennels LLC operates like a motel for dogs.    Charges START the day your dog(s) are checked in.  Whether you check them in first thing in the morning or at the end of the day. Everyone pays for the first day. Unlike our human hotels and motels, I do not make you wait to check in your dog until 3 or 4pm. You may bring them during business hours as early as 7:30 am when we open.

Check out time is 10:00 am everyday.

If you pickup before 10am, you will not be charged for the current day. However, if running late, you have during business hours up until 5 pm to pickup your dog. You will be charged for the current day after 10:00 am  When you make  your dogs first reservation, you must show up a minimum of 1 hour prior to close, to give us time to check paperwork and for your dog to have time to adjust.  We will not board any dog that

shows up without proof of vaccinations.

All vaccinations must be done by a veterinarian. Breeder Vaccinations and Home Vaccinations will not be accepted.

Boarding Rates
Per Day/Per Dog.,
please check out hours and rates page to find out our rates.
We do offer a discount for long term boarding.  $3.00 off per day per dog when boarding will be for 30 days or longer.  Long term boarding requires payment up front for the first  14 days at the normal rate.  Daily discounted rates day 15 thru the end of the boarding month should be paid at the end of the boarding month. Then at the end of each boarding month there after.
We do offer a 10% discount to military, law enforcement, emt, paramedic and firefighter personnel, active and retired, with ID for boarding services.
Intact Males
We will board in tack males and other breeds that are considered by the general population as aggressive breeds. However, because of the set up we have, please keep in mind, we have to be able to interact with any dog (small, medium or large) and be hands on. If you have an aggressive dog, our place will not be the best place to board your dog at. We will not board any old dogs who have never boarded or who have not boarded for years.  Or large dogs that have not been socialized.  We have no way to administer any calming medications that a veterinarian could administer for those type dogs. If you have a male who feels his oates and marks, well, this is a dog boarding kennel and we don't mind.

This  is Benz, before and after.

If you will be bringing your dogs' food or treats, DO NOT bring glass containers. Plastic containers only please.


We do have a refrigerator, so if you need to bring things like cheese, weenies, meatballs, please do so.


We are not currently accepting any new grooming clients. My schedule is maxed out.  We can still offer bath services to new clients, but this is also subject to change in the future (posted July 1, 2021.


We offer grooming and baths by appointment Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We will also cut toenails for your dogs if that is all you need, however, this is also done by appointment.

We do basic low maintenance cuts as well as shave downs.  We offer the basic because many people need an affordable option for grooming and shave downs.  There are many great groomers in town if you are in need of show dog grooming or prefer someone who graduated from an accredited school.  The training we have received is on the job, learning from our mistakes and getting better with time.  If you are interested in a great price, a decent hair cut and people who are treating your pets with love and care while being groomed, then Rainbow Kennels LLC might be great place for your pet.  Prices vary by size and condition of your dog.  There is usually a waiting period of 2 to 4 weeks to get on our schedule. Yes, 2 to 4 weeks. We may not be the best groomers in town, but many people appreciate what grooming skills we do have and have used our services for years.  I will apologize in advance, but you will never be able to call the kennel and get your dog groomed the same day. We do not offer grooming or baths on the weekends or holidays.

Many dogs while boarding will have "accidents" during the night time hours. If you request a bath for your pet, you will have to check them out on a day when we do baths and there will be a charge for it based on the size of your dog.


Please see our Hours and Rates page for pricing.


We will not groom any dog that does not have proof of vaccinations!

The groomers are:

                             Betty Jo McRae-Cherry - owner





We are not currently accepting any clients for obedience training.
we will update our site once we are able to accept obedience training clients.
thank you for understanding.


- Boarding
- Training-

-Day Care_


7:30 AM - 5:00 PM

Monday - Friday

7:30Am - 10:00 AM

3:00PM - 5:00 PM

Saturday, Sunday and Holidays


3837 Flowers Chapel Rd
Dothan, AL 36305

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