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When choosing a place to board your pet it is best to know what others have experienced.  We make every effort to please everyone.  A sad fact of life is.....that will never happen, no matter how hard we work.  Many will like us however there will be some who will not.

Please do not rely solely on the posted internet comments.  There will be some who were legitimate customers who did not like my facility, myself or my staff. Some however, will be from previous employees or business competitors. 

Ask around. Ask your vets. Your co workers. Your church members.  Ask what they like about each place and what they dislike.

You can make an informed decision that will be best for your pet  and for your peace of mind.

George and Debbie
I certainly like that Rainbow Kennels has such low rates.  They are obviously concerned about each dog and their needs.  I am personally impressed with the way you always do for each dog whatever the owner asks, for exambple special feeding likes and dislikes.  I can't imagine another kennel that will take such care to do exactly and specifically what the owner ask in that reagard.  Also, I like that you have the detailed questionnaire for the new dogs and emergency contacts etc and make sure owners keep all shot record up to date.  This is important for everyone. I think you are always courteous to customers and forthright about terms. etc.
Peter and Sandy Quinn
Peter and Sandy left not one, but two comments.​
1rst testimonial
We adopted a shepherd from a German Shepherd Rescue several years ago.  Because of his history of abuse and neglect, he is very anxious and untrusting.  In the p[ast when we have had to board him at various facilities, we would pick him up only to find him emaciated, dehydrated, and exhausted!  Not because the facilities failed to feed and water him but because he was so distraught from being away from us that he refused to drink, eat or sleep.  Well, when we found Betty....that changed the first time we boarded him at Rainbow Kennels.  After being away for 5 day, we expected to pick him up from the kennel looking as he had when we boarded him at other locations in the past.  Much to our surprise, he was not only a little plumper than when we dropped him off but obviously happy and rested!  He never hesitates to walk into the door when we drop him off with Betty.  As long as we are living here, Rainbow Kennels is the only place we will board our dogs!
2nd Testimonial
Since we found Rainbow Kennels, it is the only place we board our furry kids.  Once, just hours prior to dropping off the dogs to be boarded for the week, our little "Scippi" injuured her leg playing in the back yard.  There were no visible signs of injury but she refused to bear weight on it. She let us touch it, move it and there was no swelling.  So we went ahead and dropped her off with Betty and her staff at the kennel (so we could catch our flight). I was worried sick about her so i called Betty as soon as i could to check on her.  Betty asked my permission to carry her to the my vet and of course i granted it. Betty not only drove 20+ miles away to my vet, she also stood there holding Scippi in her arms while she waited TWO HOURS before even being seen by the that's going above and beyound commitment!  After some X-rays and prescriptions, Betty drove Scippi back to the kennel and tucked her in comfortably, then called me to ease my mind.
Scippi was going to be just fine with a little aspirin, bed rest and TLC for the rest of the week i was away, I had peace of mind that Scippi was in the best hands possible, and that she was being well taken care of by Betty and her staff.  Peace of mind is priceless!
This came off a website called Precious Pet The person who posted this on April 18, 2011,  chose to remain anonimous.
"I tried this place....It's not one I'd recommend. it's dirty, you can smell it the minute you step in there. And despite all the talking the owner does about how caring she is, see how she really treats your pet"
Member Response:  this was my response on June 21, 2011.
I apologize you felt my place was dirty.  I apologize that you thought my place smelled bad.  Myself and staff will work on that even harder. Now, what are you implying about how i really treat your pet?  Please share how you think i mistreated your pet.  Because those are harsh words...and i'd like to know what i did wrong in your opinion.....thank you.
​ Submitted Jan 2014
Nicholas W. Raichle
Potential clients of Ranbow Kennels LLC
In Auguesof 213 i had to travel to Virginia for just over six weeksto perform my USAF Reserve duties and needed a place to board my dog Seymour, a one year old very enegetic Labrador mix.  After getting three estimats i found that not only was Rainbor Kennels the most reasonably priced, but they ould train Seymour and the extra cost for that service was still less expensive than what my veterinarian wouldcharge forjust boarding.  While i was in virginia, I received a call from Rainbow Kennels to let me know how Seymour was holding up, which was very comforting to hear.  it turns ut that he had a mild intestinal problem that i had failed to notice and was not eatin the foold I had provided, but the staff was abl to solve both problems.
When i finally trturned to town, I called the kennel to arrange a pick-up and Betty instructed me to park out of sight of Seymor so she could demonstrate what he had learned while i was away without him being distracted by my arrival. I did as se directed and saw my dog standing steadily in their training enclosure looking strong, clean, and ery healthy.  Wehn she demonstrated the basic commands that i had been unabe to teach him on my own, I was honestly amazed by how disciplined the often stubborn pup had become.  He was still lively and energetic but was listening andresponding to every coand.  Even moe surprising ws when i wa beckined to try to isue some of the command myself, he listened. Not with the same speed and discipline of course, but that was to be expected with Seymour's excitement and the fac that he was not accustomed to obeying mycommands.
The follow-up sessons, the first  two of which ere included in the cost of cost of the boarding and training, have been critical in Seymour's training and development.  Tose sessions have not only been essential in solidifying Seyour's obedience, but also in developing a dog and master relatioship as opposd tothe sometimes frustrating dog and dog's playmate relationship we previously had.  They also taught me the rght way to train my dog on a day-to-dy basis, which does not take much time at all, even if i can only afford iftee minutes on a given day, there is sill noticeale impovement.
Since Syour's initial training and follow-up sessions, the quality of life for us both has been much better.  he's far from fully-trained and some of his puppy tendencies still shine thrugh (he still reminds me on rare occasions that i Shouldn't leave my good shoes unattnded where he can get to them), bu after every structured training session with Betty or individual training sessionwith just Seymour and , he is more steady in his commands and in generalobedience.  Arguably most imortantly, because of the training he understands that there are behaviours I want him to express and ones i do not.  For example, if i atch him chewing on something i left out, all i have to do is say, "NO," and he stops what he's doing and looks to me.
In summary, the servies provided by Raibow Kennels have been great for both Seymour and myself.  The boarding was clean, inexpensive, and the staff clearly cared for every animal there as if it were their own.  I can only imagine how much my patience would be tested daily with the 60+ pound pup with a history of chewing holes in my wall if not for the obedience training they provided.  And the training techniques i was taught and follow-sessions have been and continue to be effective.
Nicholas W. Raichle


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