Vaccination Requirements

We will not board any dog that is not at least 12 weeks of age and will need to have been vaccinated with the 3 seperate parvo 5 in 1 shots, and the kennel cough shot (bordetello).  Most veterinarians will do the rabies vaccine between 3 and 6 months old. We will board your puppy if you did not adopt it from a Rescue organization or animal shelter without the rabies vaccine if all other vaccinations were from a veterinarian and it is younger than 6 months old.  Your new puppy will have already received the Rabies vaccination
Some breeds are recommended to have 4 parvo 5 in 1 shots because it is proven that  particular breed is more susceptible to parvo. (Question your veterinarian on this)
By the age of six months they should have received their rabies vaccination and a recommended canine influenza shot followed by a booster in 3 weeks to 1 month. 
Check out the web address it contains a lot of great information on the influenza which is a fairly new dog virus that in now in 40 states. This influenza is not required, however highly recommended (8-6-2017)
We understand that many people adopt dogs from a local
rescue or animal shelter.  Most of those places will give a
Parvo vaccine.  If that puppy is under one year, you will still need
to get 2 more Parvo vaccines from a veterinarian as well as
a kennel cough vaccine and rabies vaccine.
I understand that many individuals purchase from breeders.
I do not accept breeder vaccination as proof of vaccination. Word
of mouth will not be accepted.
If you adopt from a rescue or animal shelter, you must have
some type of documentation.  Word of mouth will not be accepted.
You must get your canine to the vet to get the required
Out of respect for yourself and your dog, do not walk in the door
with your dog the first time and expect that we will board your
dog without proof of vaccinations.  To many times in the early
years we took the dogs and believed all owners and then later
found out the dog (s) had none or not all of the vaccinations
we  require in order to be boarded at this facility.  It is not safe
for your dog, nor safe for the dogs who have owners who have
complied with the requirements.
  I'm sorry or i
forgot to bring it, will not be accepted. Proof only from the vet. 
All vaccinations are required to be administered by a veterinarian.
It is our belief that each dog should be checked out by
veterinarian who will be checking for many things in addition to
the adminstration of vaccinations. 
We recognize there are many people who give their own shots.
Typically, the only acceptable shots are from those people who
are show dog people and registered kennel owners who breed
for quality and not quantity. We will also accept the vaccination
records that you receive from the local animal shelter or rescue
organizations as long as they are current.  Most shelters and
rescue organizations will administer or have the initial shots
administered by a local veterinarian.   
You will need to insure that your dog gets all of the  required
Annually after the first year, all dogs are required to have:
Parvo 5 in 1 (parvo, distemper, hepatitis, adenovirus and parainfluenza)
Kennel cough
Canine Influenza (recommended but not required)


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